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Adoption...A Special Kind of Love

     Not flesh of my flesh,
     Nor bone of my bone,
     But still Miraculously my own.
     Never forget for a single minute,
     you didn't grow under my heart,
     But in it.

     --Author Unknown


                LEARN ABOUT ADOPTION

Crisis Pregnancy?
Decide if adoption is best for you. If you decide adoption is best for you, find out all you can about adoption.

Find out about adoption!

If you want to keep your baby, we recommend going to several parenting and pregnancy websites. If the time is not right to start a family and you want to give your baby a chance to live, adoption is a way to provide a life for your baby. Adoption is your choice and it is always best to decide on the terms of your adoption.

Some Things to Remember:

Research adoption and understand what it means. Consider contacting an adoption professional to help you with your adoption plan. You can select the parents of your baby. There are many helpful hopeful adoptive parents who want to adoption in a loving and caring way.



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